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 Angels app

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PostSubject: Angels app   Angels app I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 08, 2010 5:20 am

Name: Ricardo Brouwer.

In-Game Name: Neavia/Angel.


Location:Enschede@The Netherlands.

Time Zone: GMT+1.

Previous Experience: No....Previous Experience

Applying For:Gm/Tgm/Head staff

Activity Time:At normal skool days i cud be like 4/6 hours but in the weekend iam allmost all day on.

What I can do for the server:
1/ 1st of all i can bann hacker/spammers or warn them.
2/ I can give events.
3/ I can use commands so i can see what members up to.
4/ I can lvl Resset swappers or bann them.
5/ I can help with small things of making signature etc.
6/ I can help with maps and i can use blender, but i only know basics.

Why I should be hired:
-I'm kind to every player, since I know many players, I will not put someone above
someone else. Rules are Rules, when you break them, you'll get
warned/banned. When I'd chosen to make my own gunz, I knew there were a
lot off things behind it, which I didn't expect. Now I'm running it I
understand how hard the feature "Administrator" is, and I know for
sure, that the "GM's" have to do much work. I'm an hard worker, and I
finish whatever I begin. I've not much experience. Of course everyone
makes mistakes, but be glad that people clear those mistakes, and don't
say Idc or those things, just go and change it. All those small things,
are very big at the end. Teamwork is the thing that you should have,
and I've got good Teamwork, I know all Staff members very well. Then with the
best staff we should finish that task!! And like evry GM does, I'll
work as hard as I can, to make everything possible for the featured
members. People are expecting much from this server, but there's always
an but, we will make this server so GREAT that you would look and
suddenly your eyes would pop out. That's an small thing I'll work on,
to get rid off all unwanted-players, help (staff)members when they need
help, and ALL the things that you'll ask me, I'll atleast try it, if I
can't ? I will keep trying, untill it will work.

Languages spoken: English 90% German 10% Dutch 100%

Proof that you have been GM somewhere else: none

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Angels app
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