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 HGM/GM Application [Energy]

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PostSubject: HGM/GM Application [Energy]   HGM/GM Application [Energy] I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 30, 2010 2:32 am


Name: Manny

Age: 15

Country: United State of America

Past Experience: I was HGM for 1 year on Fgunz 9months GM on ExtremeGamers 5months Admin on Toxicgunz.

What can you do:
I'm not like everyone else. I don't just say, "I can ban hackers, stop ucers." I try to make the community an enjoyable place for people to play. Yes, people don't want hackers, but people don't want stupid staff members. They want staff members that are mature. Not some stupid staff member that ****s around all the time. I also can stop hackers too! Most people can do that, so I don't like adding that in my application. It makes me feel shitty. They're a lot of staff members that are apathetic towards other players. Players want staff members they can rely on to be there when help is needed. Unlike a lot of staff members, I don't act cantankerous. They get out of control, and then things go crazy. The probabilistic chances of people staying if they don't get hired are slim to none.

Why Should We Choose You:
I'm very helpful. I'm not wanting to be a staff member just because they can get free donator items, or because they get powers. I am here to help people. I enjoy going around from room to room, and seeing the players having fun. I would consider my self mature and immature. They're are times where you need to be serious, and some staff members can't handle that. A lot of them like to do what they want, and not listen to anything they're told. You can rely on me to be mature when need be. I get the job done as well as I can, and if something needs to be fixed, or improved, tell me. I'll do the best I can to fix what ever I did wrong.

About Yourself:
I am an average 15 year old boy. I like playing baseball when ever I'm not at my house, or when I'm not at band pratice. Baseball has been a thing i've loved for years, and I plan on doing it in college.

Anything Else:
Thanks for reading my Application Wish me luck =)
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HGM/GM Application [Energy]
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